Surf Punks

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As the name would indicate, the Surf Punks combined two emerging sounds of the late '70s -- punk rock and surf revival. The band, fronted by Dennis Dragon, personified the surf's up, lighthearted West Coast attitude -- they were even featured in a PBS documentary demonstrating "California Beach English." The Surf Punks' irreverence, immaturity, and skepticism of outsiders came shining through in songs like "My Beach," "No Fat Chicks," "Teenage Girls," and "Locals Only." The band's self-titled debut in 1979, made on their own Day-Glo label, became a cult classic

1. Locals Only
2. Shark Attack
3. No Fat Chicks
4. I'm A Valley
5. Tube Rider
6. Water Sports
7. Born To Surf
8. Spoiled Brats From Malibu II
9. Hey, Mr. Lifeguard
10. Kanan's Doomed
11. Tijuana Weekend
12. New Lead Guitar
13. Spoiled Brats From Malibu
14. Sealed With A Kiss

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