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Like Barenaked Ladies, the Hot Rod Honeys are an all-male band with a female-minded name--none of the Hot Rod Honeys are women, and their name is meant to be cute, funny and ironic. But the Honeys' music doesn't sound anything like Barenaked Ladies' alternative pop-rock. The Honeys' specialty is old school punk, and even though the band wasn't formed until 1996, their short, fast, raw songs (most of which are under three minutes) recall the classic punk of the late 70s and early 80s. Although the Honeys are from Belgium all of their lyrics are in English. And in fact, the Honeys sound like they could be from England. British pub rock and early British punk are strong influences, although the Honeys are hardly oblivious to American punk. One of their primary inspirations is the New York-based Ramones, whose influence they proudly acknowledge on a tune called "Love and the Ramones". But whether the Honeys are drawing on British or American influences, it is clear that they identify with punk's power pop side--and those punk-pop instincts are something they get from the Ramones as well as influential British combos like the Buzzcocks and the Damned. The Honeys have also been influenced by the garage rock and British Invasion rock of the 60s; if you listen closely, you can sometimes hear hints of the Rolling Stones and the Kinks in the Belgians' infectious, energetic work.
After getting together in 1996, the Honeys acquired a small cult following in Europe as well as in the United States. They have since recorded for different labels (all of them small independents) in different countries, including Wrench in England, Rocking Bones in Italy and Demolition Derby in their native Belgium. In the U.S., they have recorded for two San Francisco-based indies: Emperor and Man's Ruin. In 1999, Man's Ruin released the Honeys' full-length album, Horny and Hungry. Meanwhile, their album Kill Me Now! has been released by Demolition Derby.

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